Monday, September 2, 2013

Be A Responsible Adult And Treat Your Head Lice

In between advances in human knowledge and technological advancement, which are significantly fast in pace, it's about time that some other treatments that haven't been developed be finally be evolved once and for all. Treatment of head lice is an example that badly needs a revolutionary innovation as soon as possible. Judging by the fact that there are numerous experts these days, one could easily think of the best possible way to improve the treatment of such infestation. Contrary to popular belief, a failed treatment for head lice should not be repeated after the first one, mothers are advised. Most importantly, it was also advised not to add any chemicals or any other treatments in order to counter or remove the effect of the previous one as it will also worsen the situation.

There may have been different guidelines that different industries followed when these set of guidelines was not yet nationalized, but some did serve its purpose at least. And as a matter of fact, these guidelines even included having to make use of pesticides, such as lindane as well as malathion, as a way to counter the first treatment if it so failed at the first try. The problem with these kinds of treatment is that they are potentially harmful to children, putting them at very high risk indeed. And so as a parent, you would be better off with a traditional nit comb and a shampoo without pesticides that can be sold over the candle if ever your first method has failed.

This is indeed a very important back up plan for a parent to think of judging by the fact that there has been a lot of failures when it comes to over the counter hair lice removal products. If you would know what they put in these hair lice treatment formulas, such as pesticides and chemicals that are harmful to people, you wouldn't even want to buy it in the first place.

So as a solution to all these harsh and dangerous ways of getting rid of lice, it is important that one must still always consider the use of natural remedies and the traditional ones as well no matter how old fashioned they may be, until a better treatment comes up. These treatments are not only chemical free, but they are also very effective and their success rate are still very high as compared to other chemical treatments of getting rid of head lice. These ways are rather old fashioned and so you must understand that they are rather difficult to get a hold of as well. And so what one would have to do us just wait for a revolutionary solution that works as well as the old ways but not as harmful as the new ways.

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